Pain and Neuroinflammation Imaging Lab

Qihao Xie


I am a current undergraduate junior majoring in psychology and neuroscience at Brandeis University. I am always intrigued by research questions in domains associated with neuroscience, and I am passionate about conducting research from psychological, computational, and neurological perspectives. I am currently a Research Assistant (RA) at the Aging, Culture, and Cognition Laboratory at Brandeis, with a deep focus on the level of cognitive processing and self-referentiality through EEG imaging techniques and ERP data analysis. I also work as a Research Assistant (RA) at the Depression Clinical and Research (DCRP) Program, where I study digital phenotyping and machine learning algorithms intending to develop guided imagery & mindfulness practices and investigate biomarkers & behavioral markers to personalize precision medicine. Bearing an interest in understanding abnormality and neurodegenerative disorders, I am also involved as a Physician Assistant (PA) at Beijing Anding Hospital and an independent researcher in exploring Huntington’s Disease using Drosophila models. In the biology laboratory at Brandeis, our research team also investigated the structural and functional characterization of S109A Human γD Crystallin and Ion-Induced conformational change, which contained significant clinical & societal implications.

For this exciting internship at Loggia Lab, I am intrinsically motivated to conduct research involving various neuroimaging techniques (e.g., BOLD fMRI, Arterial Spin Labeling, structural and diffusion MRI, and PET), to study the brain among individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions. Specifically, I would like to investigate the neuroimaging metrics as potential biomarkers of clinical pain and the identification of progressive brain alterations among stigmatized individuals. So excited to start a new chapter in my life!