Pain and Neuroinflammation Imaging Lab

Natalie Swanson

Clinical Research Coordinator

I graduated with a degree in neuroscience from Pomona College in 2023. At Pomona, I designed and implemented a thesis under Professor Richard Lewis using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging to investigate the influence of early life stress on decision making and health risk taking in young adults. My background also includes research experience studying NeuroHIV and substance use’s influence on brain aging at University of Nebraska Medical Center under Dr. Shilpa Buch and Dr. Susmita Sil and conducting qualitative ethnographic research on a community doula program for African American families at the University of Iowa under Dr. Heather Reisinger. I also worked in Hennepin County Medical Center’s Emergency Department to screen, consent, enroll, and collect real-time biometric data for clinical research projects.  I am  interested in understanding the intersection of biological, social, and psychological contributors to human pain, and the use of neuroimaging to understand pain-related processes and therapeutics for pain patients. I am the lead Clinical Research Coordinator of the PET/MR imaging of a study of neuroinflammation in patients with Spinal Cord Stimulators to treat failed back surgery syndrome with back and lower extremity pain. In her free time, Natalie likes to ride her bike, swim, spend time with friends, draw, and go for long walks.