Pain and Neuroinflammation Imaging Lab

Erin Hardy

Clinical Research Coordinator

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with my Bachelor of Science in Biology in the Spring of 2019. At UMass, I was involved in Undergraduate research investigating mechanisms underlying cellular processes occurring in the cytoskeleton. This involved performing in vitro reconstitution assays with microtubules and actin filaments and recording them with epifluorescence microscopy. Also prior to joining the Loggia Lab, I worked here at Mass General Hospital formulating contrast agents for hyperpolarized metabolic imaging and as a research coordinator on a study investigating dopamine release in response to monetary reward via PET/fMRI.

I am so excited to investigate the effects of cannabidiol on brain inflammation and low back pain in subjects experiencing chronic low back pain here at the Loggia Lab. We are doing a clinical trial, administering CBD in the form of prescription drug Epidiolex, and assessing whether it reduces neuroinflammation, pain, and depressive symptoms in comparison to placebo. We will be utilizing PET/fMRI, laboratory testing, and assessments of pain and psychological status towards these objectives. I am grateful and excited to gain this experience working in the lab with this clinical population and learning more about the effects of CBD on chronic pain.