Pain and Neuroinflammation Imaging Lab

Atreyi Saha, B.A.

Clinical Research Coordinator (Alumni)

I graduated in 2016 with a BA in Neuroscience and Behavior from Mount Holyoke College where I used a fruit fly model of glial tauopathy to study how the overexpression of tau can impact intracellular defense systems. While in college, I also conducted neurodevelopmental research looking at (1) changes in neocortical development in a mouse model of intrauterine ischemia and (2) the mechanisms underlying acquired and genetic forms of epilepsies in zebrafish. After college, I knew I wanted to integrate my neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental background by studying the brain at a fundamental level. So, I went to the National Institutes of Health to study the neural circuitry underlying body temperature regulation and energy homeostasis in mice.

After doing years of basic neuroscience research, I decided to make the leap from bench to bedside by pursuing clinical neuroscience. At the core of my amibition lies a desire to explore the intricacies and complexities of the human brain, especially as it relates to disorders of the nervous system and human health. Therefore, as a part of the Loggia Lab, I am excited to explore the role that glial cells play in various chronic pain disorders. I believe that identifying glial disease signatures in the human brain is an important step towards understanding and treating the debilitating symptoms associated with chronic pain disorders.